The FDA reports that there are about 55% of Americans who have magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency can result in headaches, eye twitches, leg and foot cramps, muscle pain and more!

Magnesium Plus Soothing Stick #22717 for $14

Soothes the inflammation that comes from pesky bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and scratches with calming Lavender, cooling Peppermint, and Tea Tree Essential Oils in a stick.

Magnesium Dead Sea Salt Bundle #61897 for $56

Soak away the cares of the day with Dead Sea Salts, Lavender Essential Oil and follow up with the Magnesium Lotion. This combo is a favorite of customers and Jordies everywhere. The Magnesium lotion comes in either Peppermint or Unscented.


Healthy Home

Take your cleaning to the next level.

Biodegradable formula that is free of harsh chemicals, vapors, and residue; kid and pet friendly too ! Use on glass, tile, wood, and granite. Plant based with Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils for a healthier and cleaner home.

Healthy Home Cleaning Solution #22723 for $5.50 for 8 oz.

Ready to go spray with locking nozzle. Short bursts of spray right where you need them.

Healthy Home Cleaning Concentrate #22713 for $15 for 4 oz.

Refill your solution 4 times! What a way to save money and time.

Combine and Save #22724 for $18

Solution bottle and concentrate.


Promise- Spring Diffuser

We learned from a previous blog that the new scent is called Promise. Promise is the scent of clementines and freesia flowers. The Spring Diffuser is a reed diffuser made up of that scent.

The Spring Diffuser #32040 for 30

Bring this wickless wonder into any room to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of Promise. Simple reeds made of wood, allow the fragrance to diffuse into the air.. Flip the reeds as needed and enjoy months of freshness in any room.

Stay tuned for more new products!!


It is only natural to trade the old scent of the Fall and Winter, for the new scent of the Spring and Summer. I present the new scent, Promise. Promise is a mix of clementines and the scent of the freesia flowers.

Fresh , vibrant, and happy fragrances that embody spring and summer. The scent of freesia and clementines are sure to brighten the day.

Look for Promise #48 where you see the bee.

Look for products with the Promise scent in it coming soon!



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The skin is the largest organ and it is being bombarded everyday. The sun, pollution, unnatural lotions. There are a plethora of harmful ways your environment attacks your skin. Another way your environment attacks your skin is the lack of magnesium. In the US about 55% of Americans are magnesium deficient.

According to Healthline, some symptoms of magnesium deficiency are, ” Muscle Cramps, Mental Disorders, Osteoporosis, Fatigue And Muscle Weakness, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and Irregular heartbeats.“(Atli Arnarson, PhD, n.d.). A lot of our lotion is fortified with magnesium. Come look.


The CAP Pack

Standing for Customer Appreciation Program, this pack is for you. Each month you can order The Body Care Pamper pack, The Body Care Relief pack, The Face Care pack, or The Hair Care pack. Or mix or match. Free Shipping on the pack subscription. Set your preference on shipping dates. They are designed to last a month.

Say you will be out of town the day it normally ships one month, change the shipping date for that pack. I am so excited to introduce the CAP Pack.

You can order the CAP Pack at:

See you soon for more products!!


For the Pets

The Pet System is divided up and into shampoo and spritz. There is a deal if you want both. This is designed to leave your dog with the best shine it could ask for.

Pet Spritz #5002 $14 for 8 oz.

Made using a very small ingredient list to shine coats and leave a refreshing fragrance without any funky unnecessary additives. A few quick sprays will leave your pet smelling their best.

Dog Shampoo #1101 $18 for 16 oz

Oatmeal and Aloe calms irritated skin using the cooling effects of Aloe Vera and Oatmeal. Formulated specifically with the pH balance to a dog’s skin, this shampoo will sooth skin while moisturizing their coat to leave a soft shine.

Pet System #1101-5002 $25.60

Combine and save! Pet Spritz and the Dog Shampoo perfectly bundled.

To order:

visit delivery to only customers with a US address at this time.

Stay tuned for more products!


Two New Makeup Products

Makeup is a hot topic now days. Especially makeup that is cruelty free and is all natural. I have introduced our makeup line in previous posts. But now I want to introduce two new products.

Brow Definer #26583 for $25

Staring a small angled brush, as to give your brow the natural look. For outlining and filling your brow for a fuller, natural look.

So pink! Lip gloss #26308 for $12

Healthy and oil-infused lip gloss. Gloss with a pink shimmer shade. Looks good and it is good for you!!

Stay tuned for products that come next.


Spring/summer 2020 Catalog

Here is the day that we all have been waiting for. The spring/summer catalog is here.

Flip through and make your wishlist I am so excited to see what you have. Until next time.





When I did my student teaching we had an assignment an acrostic poem for spring.

Sun shining

People pleasing

Rain falling



Glorious weather

Help me fill in the blanks.