Hi fellow Jordies, so you found where I have been hanging out. That is good you can hang out here too. My why, I have arthritis in my left hip. It hurt so bad. It was recommended to me to try the magnesium lotion sent to me. So I did, and within minutes the lotion took the edge off the pain. By the second use I was a Jordie. I am not saying that this lotion cured the arthritis, but what I am saying is that I was able to walk again without pain.

My second Why. I have a rare condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia also known as Ataxia. I was born with it. I wiggle when I walk, I choke on my spit when I talk, and a simple blog takes me over a 1/2 hour to type out. I have to take medicine, but, I don’t need toxins in my skin care, food, or cleaning supplies.

Our line of skin care does not include toxins or perfumes that are un natural.

What People Say

My daughter and I got hand spa’s today. She is 6 and a thumbsucker 👍 so happy to have a brand thats safe for her and works amazingly! that exfoliator is bomb! left our hands soft and smooth.

Howard Hil

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

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