The Core 4 System

Your core is your balance system. The Core 4 system is just that the beginning magnesium and skin care system that balances each other. In a system to balance each other, each piece has a job to do.

We will start with the Magnesium lotion of the Core 4.

Magnesium lotion– 55% of Americans are Magnesium defficient meaning that they lack magnesium in their bodies. Having low magnesium determines several factors on body systems like eye spasms to muscle pain.

Magnesium Stick-Like the full lotion, the stick is a portable way to apply magnesium right to sore muscles or to help you with that headache at work. Convenience is the key when using the magnesium stick. You can keep it in your desk at work, your purse, or your pants pocket.

Skin Relief-Fortified with Green Tea, Shea Butter, Aloe, Seaweed and Chamomile this lotion moisturizes dry skin, relieves sunburn, anti-inflammatory, helps build collagen and smooths skin.

Lotion bar-The lotion bar is the item that started it all. There are several uses to the lotion bar. The big use is to seal in moisture. See the flier below to see the some of the other uses to the lotion bar. This is a great finish to a core and an awesome addition to the Core 4.

By queenie1974

I am a mother, a wife, and a Grandmother.
I have a business called Jordan Essentials. Come visit my blog and my VIP Group in Facebook.

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