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“Hi my name is Wendy, I am your Jordan Essentials consultant.” This is how I begin each customer’s email.”Is there anything I can help you find?” I continue and conclude each email.

Most of the time I get answers like “maybe later” if I get any response at all. But, there are times I get answers like “yes you can help me find…” At those times I get so excited. The excitement stems from helping people.

You see, in my other job, I am a substitute teacher and I aim not only to help students, but help my customers. So helping people comes naturally to me. If you have aches and pains you might be one of the 55% of Americans that are magnesium deficient. I might recommend a magnesium fortified lotion.

Twenty-six seconds after you try said lotion the pain and cramping start to disappear.

What your puppy smells? I would recommend the Pet System with the Dog Shampoo and the Pet Spritz. Safe for your pets.

If you would like me to help you either join my VIP group at or my order link at

By queenie1974

I am a mother, a wife, and a Grandmother.
I have a business called Jordan Essentials. Come visit my blog and my VIP Group in Facebook.

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