Dad on the roof

What I am about to tell you is true. My parents were divorced and mom had full custody.

My mom is washing dishes in front of the window in the kitchen when she heard someone climbing up the antenna. She grabbed a knife and ran upstairs in time to see my dad peering in the windows with a flashlight trying to get in.

My mom knew what was going on, but we did not. We were kids and now we can’t see it’s flashlight and hear my mom screaming. To say I was scared is an understatement I was terrified.

Eventually the police came. They got him down off the roof. It was the The story if the time the outshined the story it’s called the burning bed. They were going through terrible ordealAt the same time that we were going through our deal and in the same city another big abuse case happened, Jackson, Michigan.

The police weren’t that nice to the people that were being abused. There weren’t laws or many laws to protect us and the women that were raising us from abuse.

My dad had just climbed up the antenna do you get in the house and have a shotgun in his car and the police asked if there was anyway my parents could reconcile so they could release him.

This story was dictated via iPhone sorry for the misspellings and the poor grammar but you get the just of the story.

By queenie1974

I am a mother, a wife, and a Grandmother.
I have a business called Jordan Essentials. Come visit my blog and my VIP Group in Facebook.

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