Want a laugh today

Ok, so in the winter we have a problem with mice. The oldest says that they are wrestling in his ceiling. My kids are 22 and 16. They tower over me.

So anyways, I am watching these fools try to set traps and scream whenever one goes off. I don’t know how they are going to get the mice off when they catch them. They even jump when the dogs bark.

I am serious the oldest came running to my bedroom in the middle of the night because he heard the Ice Maker fire shots.

Don’t let me talk about the fact that neither one of these big boys will bait their own hook let alone take a fish off the hook once they catch it.

And I am to believe that they are going to take a mouse off the trap once they have caught it. I don’t think so.

By queenie1974

I am a mother, a wife, and a Grandmother.
I have a business called Jordan Essentials. Come visit my blog and my VIP Group in Facebook.

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