What it is like

What is it Like with Ataxia? Let me tell you, if I didn’t have Ataxia I would have had a blog a long time ago. What do I mean? I have several different things going on that make this blog longer than it should be.

We will start with my eyes and mind. I have what is called a nystagmus. People thought it was dyslexia for so long, because my eyes are constantly moving they send the wrong messages about the spelling of words. But, I also have OCD as far as Grammar and Spelling goes. So I am constantly pressing backspace. My mind has an outline of how things should go. But, by the time the message gets to my hands, I have already rewritten it.

My goal with the blog is to be free. My hands may let some of the typos and grammar go. And then again maybe not. I retyped this sentence three times.

My hands, I have told you that my hands do what they want. But what I didn’t tell you that it not only takes a lot for me to write and type, it hurts after 10 minutes. It may be from how hard I type or it may be from how many times I type it.

These are just some of the reasons that Ataxia is such a pain in the Ass disease. Imagine choking on your saliva, I do daily. Imagine you tell people your birthday and they hear something else, guilty.

Imagine playing pool and your opponent thinks you are drunk, because you stagger around the table. Happened to me and I only drink water at the bar.

By queenie1974

I am a mother, a wife, and a Grandmother.
I have a business called Jordan Essentials. Come visit my blog and my VIP Group in Facebook.

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